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Sao Jaoa del Rei

An Afternoon Visit

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On our way from Tiradentes to Ouro Preto we had a 6-hour wait for the bus in Sao Jao del Rei. We decided to use this time to see the old part of the city. Our guide book didn’t say too much about it as most people only end up there to go to Tiradentes. Well we were in for a treat! We had a gorgeous day and walked all the way to the old part of town. But first, we saw some of the beautiful churches along the way (just the outsides… we don’t do insides of churches when you have to pay :) and then we were thoroughly surprised to find ourselves in the midst of another lovely colonial town.










-Pictures taken by K.

Thank goodness for the wonderful afternoon because what ensued was a version of hell on earth. After returning to the bus station and waiting an hour for the bus, we were informed that our bus was being held up due to an accident. Not just any accident, but an accident that involved the explosion of a petrol truck!? Four hours later and still waiting, we were still no closer to knowing when the bus would come. There were only three of us waiting and our new French “friend” and the two of us were none too happy. Fore as the night wore on, it was getting colder and colder in the non-enclosed bus terminal. Come midnight, we were being locked in with the security guard and we were told the bus would be arriving around 4am… maybe!? Here we were, three gringos, wearing double and triple layers of clothes and attempting to nap on a concrete floor. Hell.

When the bus finally arrived at 4am (on time?) for our pathetic 4-hour drive, we thought we could finally breathe a sigh of relief. WRONG! Who could have imagined that our freezing butts would enter a bus that was colder INSIDE than it was outside!?!? Hell’s hell! And the cherry on top was the lovely smell that greeted us inside. We were practically gagging at the smell of (what can only be described as) used menstrual pads. It was disgusting and traumatizing. The ONLY good that came of this bus trip was that every person had two seats to themselves.

That night of miseries left us wondering if Ouro Preto would be worth all that pain...

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Still loving the colonial cities...

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A little taste of Tiradentes. Photo by Jorge

Arriving on a Sunday to this major tourist destination meant we were able to haggle with the owner of the hostel over the price and reduce it to a more reasonable level. This hostel was super nice (in fact, it seemed more like a B&B) and even had duvets on the bed! Duvets!!! No need for us to freeze in our non-heated room this time! Still being inland in the mountains meant the nights were very cool.

This city was even more beautiful than Teresopolis, mostly because it’s a colonial town and well, it’s a Unesco World Heritage Site. As is typical of colonial towns, it is a major tourist destination. But since we arrived on a Sunday we had a very quiet town mostly to ourselves. We had stray dogs befriending us and following us on and off during our time there and we were able to get pictures without people in them! The weather was perfect, the buildings were pretty, the churches gorgeous, and the streets all cobblestones. We couldn’t have asked for more.

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